Consumer Products

Since it's inception in 1979, A-One products have been well received and acknowledged by millions of consumers across the country based on its quality standards and value for money.

The brand A-One emerged at a time, when scouring powders were selling at exorbitant prices and were considered luxury item for daily usage. Sighting tremendous potential and envisioning an affordable product for the Indian masses, A-One scouring powder was launched.

The scouring powder's main property includes cleaning of utensils, crockery, glass ware and floors due to the special mineral contained in its formulation. It is tough on grease and Oil and soft on hands which is quite a highlight.

All A-One products are made from unique formula originally formulated by Dr. S.G. Sekar. It consist of special minerals that are available only in Tamil Nadu.

Over the years, A-One has expanded its product line-up for various daily needs and is rigorously working towards growing its presence in overseas markets as well. Find below the wide range of A-One Cleaning products...

A-ONE Washing Powder HERO MATIC Washing Powder HERO MAGIC Detergent Cake HERO Detergent Cake
Fab 360o Fabric Washing Liquid Fab 360o Baby Fabric Washing Liquid Fab 360o Fabric Washing Liquid for Silk Fabric Faby Fabric Conditioner
Faby Fabric Conditioner Aloevera A-ONE Cleaning Powder A-ONE Multi-action Dishwash Powder A-ONE Dishwash Bar
A-ONE Dishwash Round Bar A-ONE Round Bar Aloevera + Lime A-ONE Dishwash Gel A-ONE Dishwash Magic
A-ONE Shine A-ONE Silver Shining Liquid A-ONE Scrubpad A-ONE Scrubber
Captain Cool Car Wash Dinamo Floor Cleaner Captain Cool Multi Purpose Wash