Distribution Network

Distribution for SGS Group products is controlled and managed from the headquarters office in Chennai.

From the start, our focus was to attain operational excellence that would determine a company's growth and profitability aspect. Similar to the old-saying “Rome wasn't built in a day,” it took few years for us to develop and establish a strategic leadership in supply chain, distribution and customer relationship management.

Today, A- One range of products are widely available in most of the modern and traditional outlets in India going out to millions of loyal consumers. Accomplished with the efforts of our excellent and exclusive source of suppliers, it is worthy of mention that they are capable of supplying our products through out the season. The distribution strength at SGS Group includes 3,00,000 retailers, 1,000 stockists and over 250 marketing staff across India.

A-One attained the household name status through the efficiency and team work of its suppliers. The distribution network is well established and we look forward to expand the team and product reach in the coming years by stretching beyond borders.

Business development requires a mindset of courage and a robust team that can cater the products and services right on time. Our distribution network ensures all such endeavors without any difficulty and also plays a key role in generating revenue for the company.